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Our clients

We have a diverse range of clients, each with unique needs. Here is a selection of just some of the clients we have been delighted to work with.


Mark Miller and the team deliver a well structured, engaging media training session that draws on a wealth of experience in the media.

Through the team’s humorous touch and use of interesting real-life examples, even the staunchest of sceptics wind up appreciating the importance of professional media liaison and performance to an organisation’s reputation and brand.

Participants gain a clear understanding of what is required of media spokespersons through theoretical and practical components, which involve them fronting the TV cameras and answering the tough questions. It’s a fantastic learning experience for people with or without previous media experience.

Niki Kormendy
Media Manager,

Master Plumbers Association Queensland

Working with Millers has been a wise investment for the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland.  We know we are cutting through when the media contacts us on relevant issues and government departments we don’t normally work with seek us out for input.   This outcome has been achieved by putting our messages out consistently and on the big issues ensuring the relevant media contacts are canvassed in advance.

Adrian Hart
Executive Director
Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland


Our video is now live on our web site and I reckon it looks fantastic.

Well done team and thank you.

Ian Clark

Brisbane City Council – Documentary TV Series
Bank Of Queensland – Inside Queensland TV Series
Girl Guides
Designer Dry Cleaners
Denrod Consulting
Cerebral Palsy League
Peanut Company of Australia
Oz ProBuild

Our affliates

Our affiliate arm extends to complete the communications pie, providing access for our clients to true professionals in areas ranging from complex media buying, new media, to back office work such as data processing.

We work closely with and recommend our chosen affiliates:

ZIG ZAG Advertising

Absolute Audio

Click Connect

Widescreen Productions

Trolley Film