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Lobbying & Liaison

Successful lobbying begins with an idea and doesn’t end until there is a positive outcome typically from government authorities, elected officials, organisation and most importantly, communities. “Ten people who speak make more noise than 10,000 who are silent”- said Napoleon Bonaparte.

Lobbying is a concerted effort designed to achieve some result, typically from government authorities and elected officials. Millers is indeed experienced in this area. Its approach can consist of the outreach of legislative members, public actions (e.g. community consultation meetings) or combinations of both public and private actions.

It’s a coordinated, planned a direct approach.

As government continues to reach a position of understanding as to the needs and wants of the community, it becomes increasingly important for any organisation to be able to liaise in both directions and on behalf of both government and the community.

It is at this level of fusing the two together that Millers has had enormous success and will continue to develop unique strategies to suit the social agenda of our time.