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Multi-Media Production

Millers prides itself on being electronic media specialists. From ready for TV documentaries and advertisements to web based and corporate productions MCG brings organisations an unmatched level of expertise to the entire audio visual experience.

Our focus moves beyond typical “out of the box concepts” We blend formats, we blend production techniques we blend message delivery methods between rational and new media…To deliver a multi-media outcome that is perfect.

An outcome that is transportable across mediums, global or targeted. An outcome that works for you.

Millers production focus grows out of its experience in developing top rating television documentaries and audio visual productions… with a production team that is headed by countless industry award winners. Producers, journalists, copywriters, cameramen, editors and directors, all with invaluable global experience in the production of world class audio visual creations.

It is these important tools which create the vital link between mainstream production and new media.

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